Special Thanks to Sydney Carver & All Those Who Attended The March 7th Event.


Special Thanks to Dr. Nadim Shaath & All Those Who Attended the March 2017 Luncheon!

Dr. Nadim Shaath spoke on his newly released book, “Healing Civilizations”. Attendees got to hear first-hand details about his journey in research, and his quest to find ingredients to heal. In addition, Dr. Shaath touched on what the future holds for UV active filters for over-the-counter sunscreen. Those who attended enjoyed lunch and had the opportunity to connect with other MASCC members and scientists. 


Live Virtual Event "Transformations"

 This exciting event will cover topics regarding transformations within the personal care industry, and will give those interested the option to attend the event at any of 3 locations, or watch the presentations remotely. "Transformations" will take place on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, and the first speaker will be at 1pm. 


MARM 2017 "Elements of Transition"

The American Chemical Society and the Lehigh Valley and Susquehanna sections of ACS, invite you to their regional meeting in Hershey, PA from June fourth through the sixth. The theme “Elements of Transition” was inspired by the current multitude of changes we are experiencing across different fronts. To find out more about highlights of the meeting or to register, visit